2016 Nissan Gripz Info News and Appearance

2015 Frankfurt Auto Show brought many surprises and perhaps it was the most intriguing ever thanks to the Porsche, Thunder Energy, Lamborghini, etc. One of the biggest surprises was delivered by Nissan. The Japanese automaker introduced completely new concept – 2016 Nissan Gripz. It is a compact crossover with a futuristic design and some interesting things under the hood.

As you can see in the pictures, the design of the 2016 Nissan Gripz is stunning! We have got used to exceptional designs when it comes to Japanese automakers, but this time Nissan surpassed all of them. It is clearly visible engineers were working 24/7 in order to come up with a creative solution for their new concept. Of course, we must consider other features as well, especially interior and what is hidden under the bonnet. New Nissan’s concept is going to be a hybrid, but we guess you already knew that.
2016 Nissan Gripz Side

2016 Nissan Gripz Engine

Even though it was presented in September 2015 many characteristics of the Nissan Gripz 2016 are still unknown. The engine is still kept off record but we are just not sure why. Perhaps they must run several more tests or they are just still not 100% sure about the engine offer. One thing is definite though – regardless of everything the hybrid version will be available.
Apart from the hybrid many experts expect the 4-cylinder (most likely with a turbocharger).
Allegedly this 4-cylinder could deliver around 200 horsepower and wouldn’t be much different than the hybrid. Please bear in mind that these are only speculations and we ask you not to take this to the bank. We are still waiting for details about the fuel consumption and transmission. Fuel economy should be one of the advantages since the 2016 Nissan Gripz is going to be a hybrid.
2016 Nissan Gripz Engine

Interior and Exterior of 2016 Nissan Gripz

Generally impression of the 2016 Nissan Gripz is that this crossover is aggressive. It comes with four doors and five seats. It is one of those futuristic cars we have been waiting for a long time. When you look at its design you will inevitably realize it is a sport crossover of the next generation. Rear end is one of a kind and there are two exhaust pipes placed at the back. Obviously, Gripz took lots of things after the Leaf.
2016 Nissan Gripz Interior 2
Cabin is going to look futuristic with top-notch materials placed all over it. The latest technology is used, but we always expect that when it comes to Nissan cars. There are going to be many color options for this sport crossover, but we find combination of red and gray most appealing. It is one of the best cabins we have seen in the car world. And you don’t need to very about the convenience – it is among the best in class.
2016 Nissan Gripz Exterior

Nissan Gripz 2016 Release date and Price

We had a chance to see new 2016 Nissan Gripz in Frankfurt but it surely won’t be launched until the end of this year. We also expect that Nissan is going to publish the details about the costs in the following months along with information about the engine and interior, in particular.

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