2016 Ford Expedition Review

In the last few years, the popularity of sport utility vehicles (also called SUVs) have significantly increased, but it appears that those classic, full-size SUVs are not selling as before and instead their place has been taken by mid-size SUVs and crossovers. One particular model that is still selling well in North America and refuses to give up is the Ford Expedition. When Expedition was first introduced, in the 90s, it replaced the famous Ford Bronco. The current model was introduced back in 2007 and is now getting a mid-cycle update – the 2016 Ford Expedition.
2016 Ford Expedition 2

Exterior of 2016 Expedition

Since the new 2016 Ford Expedition is just an update of the current model, there will be no significant changes, both on the outside and on the inside. This means that the Expedition will keep its boxy design, which makes it so different than other full-size SUVs. Some of the changes can be seen when you compare the all-new 2016 Ford Expedition with its predecessor – most notable changes are the different elements in the headlights, the redesigned chrome grille with three stripes and newly redesigned heavy bumpers on both front and back. Large side mirrors will be available both in the color of the car and in chrome. The biggest change on the back of the car are going to be the new taillights, along with the new bumper we mentioned.
2016 Ford Expedition Exterior

2016 Ford Expedition Interior

The experts and car enthusiasts say that the interior is what is going to sell the 2016 Ford Expedition. This is not a surprise, especially when you take a look inside – first of all, the 2016 Ford Expedition will be able to take up to 8 adult passengers and it will still have lots of storage and cargo space in the back. Another great thing about the interior of the 2016 Ford Expedition is that it offers lots of different customization options – for example, seats can be made out of standard materials (like cloth) while those higher trim levels offer leather upholstery or the dashboard in the cheaper models will be made out soft plastic, while higher trim levels offer dashboard with wooden accents. The display is located in the center of the dashboard and it is primarily used for infotainment system and satellite navigation. In the base version of the 2016 Ford Expedition the display is 4.2-inch, while there is an optional 8-inch touch screen display.
2016 Ford Expedition Interior

Engine of 2016 Ford Expedition

The 2016 Ford Expedition will be offered in eight different trim levels, just like its predecessor: XLT, XLT EL, Limited, Limited EL, King Ranch, King Ranch EL, Platinum and Platinum EL. The interesting thing is that although it is offered in eight trim levels, there is only one powertrain available. Every 2016 Ford Expedition is going to have a 3.5l EcoBoost V6 engine that produces around 365 horsepower and 420 lb-ft of torque. All models have 6-speed automatic transmission, while customers can choose between rear-wheel and all-wheel drive.
2016 Ford Expedition Engine

Ford Expedition 2016 Price

The base 2016 Ford Expedition should be around $43,000.
2016 Ford Expedition 4

2016 Ford Expedition Release date

It is expected that the sales of the 2016 Ford Expedition are going to begin by the end of 2015.

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