2016 Chrysler 300 Pictures, SRT8, Review

The newly made Chrysler 300, edition of 2016, will remain faithful to its roots. However, this doesn’t mean that this particular vehicle is going to be just an ordinary car regarding the concept, just the opposite. This all-new variant is expected to be one of the most worth purchasing cars which will be, at the same time, utterly luxurious equipped, highly comfortable and safe to drive. Here is the review of 2016 Chrysler 300.

2016 Chrysler 2x

Interior, Exterior & Appearance of 2016 Chrysler 300

The designers of a brand new Chrysler 300 put in the very center its highly innovative, and a bit, futuristic-oriented general appearance. That was a pretty smart move, if you ask us for an opinion, which will attract a huge range of the potential buyers. First Chrysler 300 was originally launched, now, in the distant 2005. So, nowadays, current available model (originally launched 5 years later) presents the second generation. The new 2016 Chrysler 300 will come as all-new, third-generation model. Despite of that fact, the Chrysler’s officials have recently announced that the release of the new model will be delayed for a year or two, so we are expecting to see it as 2017 or even as a 2018 year model.

2016 Chrysler Exterior

When it finally hit the global car markets, all-new Chrysler 300, will remain a compact sedan, which can, pretty easy, accommodate up to 4 grown-ups, at once. It all allows its spacious cabin, which is divided into two rows of the passenger seat. Besides that the main cabin comes along pretty luxurious equipped. There is, for example, two-tone leather upholstery, newly made dash-mounted display, a brand new feature is 10 hi-tech speakers, which comes along paired with advanced navigation system… Regarding the safety system been available on this car, the most notable ones are: all 4-wheel ABS, traction control, integrated stability and advanced airbags.

2016 Chrysler Interior

Definitely, the most striking details, exterior wise, is that even though it shares the same body platform with its predecessor, this newly made variant looks so much different, somehow longer and more attractive. That impression, surely gives the contribution fancy exterior styling, which includes a 20-inch unique designed chrome wheels really provide a huge difference between this sedan and the others, at the very first glance, similar ones.

2016 Chrysler Rear 2x

2016 Chrysler 300 Engine

Another pretty awesome thing is that the newly made Chrysler 300 will come along with somehow extended engine range. Standard motor will be a 3.6 liter Pentastar one that generates approximate 300 horses and 260 lb-ft of max torque. For those people who are striving for a bit better performances, the 2016 Chrysler 300 will be also available equipped with 5.7 liter V8 Hemi, which is considered to be more than able to develop the strength of an amazing 360 hp and to deliver approximate around a 390 lb-ft. All engines are planned to come along matched with either 5-speed automatic or 8-speed 8HP45 automatic transmission.

2016 Chrysler Engine

Release Date & Prices of Chrysler 300 2016

If you strive to own and drive this magnificent designed car with nothing, but a stunning driving performance, you have to be ready to allocate, for the base model, around $40,000 while the higher end models, the most likely, will cost around $80,000.

More info on official Chrysler website.

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