2015 Mini Clubman Concept – 2014 Geneva Motor Show

Woodcliff Lake, NJ– February 25, 2014 … At the 2014 Geneva Auto Show MINI presents the 2015 Mini Clubman Concept, showcasing a brand-new brand name viewpoint for a greater class of vehicle. 26 centimeters longer and merely under 17 centimeters broader compared to the current 2015 Mini Clubman, the Concept visits as sophisticated, cool and elegant.

The well-known layout is nutritional supplemented by top quality information, plenty of area for useful features and picked products. Refinement of the hallmark MINI styling ensures on-the-spot recognition, both on the outside and the interior. The substantial shade and product principle redefines modern sophistication and high-end high quality in this section.

Four doors and 5 seats supply lots of energy room, thereby assisting an energetic way of life.
Classic MINI layout features such as the hexagonal radiator grille, Side Scuttles, the Black Band, brief overhangs and elliptical front and back fronts lights guarantee high awareness value from every angle.

Length: 4223 mm, width: 1844 mm (not incl. mirror), height: 1450 mm.
Integrated aerodynamics as an essential part of the external layout.
The interior decoration interprets normal MINI forms and colours, presenting a simple and easy and stylish combo of high-end quality and capability.
A sophisticated color and material idea in the interior with exclusive products and unanticipated details.
The Center Instrument with recently developed user interface develops an event-controlled communication area with touch procedure.

2015 Mini Clubman Concept

2015 Mini Clubman side

“The MINI Clubman Concept demonstrates how the 2015 Mini Clubman could be taken a step further: additional interior area, a greater feeling of high-end quality and yet still creative, vibrant and distinctive. Basically: even more auto, more MINI,” shares Adrian van Hooydonk, Head of BMW Group Design, describing the method to this model. For over 50 years now, MINI has represented maximum use of minimal area. 26 centimeters much longer and just under 17 centimeters wider than the current MINI Clubman, the MINI Clubman Concept applies this desire to a brand-new course of auto.

As Head of MINI Design Anders Warming discusses: “With the 2015 Mini Clubman Concept we exist a car with space, style and style in a segment where the focus is mainly on function and energy. With brilliant concepts, emotional layout and a great blend of colours and materials, it supplies a general experience which continues to be distinct in this section to date.”.


2015 Mini Clubman review

Even with larger exterior dimensions, the MINI Clubman Concept is quickly identifiable as a normal MINI. With the unique dexterity of the MINI percentages, the prolonged roof covering line clearly shows the car’s comprehensive energy area. It also offers the silhouette an unique style, underscored by generous surface areas. The powerful, cozy Berry Red colour shows surfaces and shapes to optimal effect. The roofing system in the colour “Blade” – a metal grey – develops a sophisticated comparison with the cozy red of the corpus.

Traditional MINI design icons such as the hexagonal radiator grille, Side Scuttles, Black Band and the normal illuminations are made in exact, high-end design. The modern-day, reduced interpretation of these attributes gives the 2015 Mini Clubman Concept a more advanced, charismatic look. The themes of aerodynamics and air ducting are clearly highlighted in the exterior style. All openings and electrical outlets are integrated in the geometry and elegantly formed. Plainly determined tire arcs and the roofing looter accentuate the auto’s vibrant look, highlighting the overall perception of stylish style.


2015 Mini Clubman concept

Seen from the front, the circular headlamps, hexagonal radiator grille and roof covering with add-on appearance plainly identify the 2015 Mini Clubman Concept as concerning the MINI family. The radiator grille is strikingly elaborated and incorporates the bumper in the front section.

The bumper is finished in Black Chrome, including a touch of exclusive design to this practical aspect. Elaborate information such as the three-dimensional framework of the chrome ribs inside the front grille additionally enhance the front section. The first class specifications of the 2015 Mini Clubman Concept even reach the surface modelling. Acceptable edges include precision and presence to the generous surfaces.

In the lower location of the front-end design there is a continuous air inlet which highlights the breadth of the 2015 Mini Clubman Concept, thereby emphasizing its solid standing on the road. Meanwhile a carefully functioned chrome rib shows up to hover inside the air inlet, giving this sporty information a touch of exclusive charm. In the external section of the front apron there are supposed AirCurtains – a wind resistant attribute that provides the tire arches an aerodynamically optimized closure. These dynamically border the lower part of the front section like 2 brackets.



Minimized to the fundamentals, the side view instantly communicates the high qualities of the 2015 Mini Clubman Concept: a lengthy wheelbase, emphatically positioned glass and brief overhangs reflect particular MINI agility. At the same time, the lengthy roof covering line and the common two-box design plainly emphasize the automobile’s superior level of capability and its charitable energy space.

On the other hand the 4 doors mirror the extensive outside measurements and increased capability. Charitable surface area expanses lengthen the side, while at the same time subtle surface area modelling and precise lines make the shape show up flat and dynamic. 3 chrome elements provide the side area a sense of exclusivity with modern-day understatement.

At the front, the Side Scuttle integrates the filigree mirror base and turn indicator in an elongated element whose shape is reflected by the two electric door openers. Integrated purge with the area, these draw a line back to the rear which is used up by the rear door takes care of. Above this, the bordering shoulder line in chrome offsets the corpus of the vehicle from the greenhouse and roofing system in trademark MINI style. This supposed Waistline Finisher embraces the whole traveler cell, improving the outside graphics so typical of the brand.

The 19″ light alloy rims in bicolor Black Chrome and Chrome surface are the feature of the side view. A clear mug development gives the elaborate multi-spoke style a very vibrant touch. In between, glossy accents are added by non-cupped refined surface areas.

Aerodynamic specifics for optimal air ducting.

The 2015 Mini Clubman Concept is the very first MINI to be suited with an alleged AirBreather at the side. The AirBreather echoes the design motif of the AirCurtains in the front apron, cutting dynamically into the localing Black Band. The elaborate dual roof spoiler at the back is shown to finest advantage from the top view. The 3rd brake illumination is integrated in between the two wings of the roof covering looters in Formula 1 style. There are also 2 longitudinal sections of plexiglass which stumble upon the whole length of the roofing like rally stripes. Along with the roof spoiler, this implies that the distinctive dynamic air regular of MINI is applied to the MINI Clubman Concept from a bird’s-eye standpoint, too.

Common 2015 Mini Clubman: split doors for boosted loading ease – the back.

The 2015 Mini Clubman Concept is extensive and athletic in the rear perspective. The knowledgeable MINI cascading – a staggering of multiple layers – gives the auto an extremely strong standing and a muscle wheel orientation when experienced from the back. The most striking back aspects are the unique split doors. The regular constant door structure is no more made from sheet steel.

The door visuals itself provides the framework surrounding the whole rear part like a discreet bracket. This newly specified style gives the entire back a lessened, modern appearance. The flat positioned back lights have a highly specified surface. Their shape underscores the automobile’s broad standing and the powerful positioning of the back section. Picked chrome accents such as the “Clubman” inscription, the MINI symbol on the left-hand door and the door handles are specific details which stress the high-quality desire of the 2015 Mini Clubman Concept.

As in the front area, the aerodynamically enhanced bumper round off the rear to the road. An useful information in the rear apron is the Smart Opening function: a sensor underneath the bumper allows the tailgate to be opened utilizing your foot if you do not have a freedom.

Exclusivity and function analyzed in modern design – the interior layout

Together with the exterior, the interior of the 2015 Mini Clubman Concept has actually additionally grown to bigger measurements. With four doors and 5 fully-fledged seats, the MINI Clubman Concept supplies lots of area for the pursuit of an energetic lifestyle.


2015 Mini Clubman interior

The new dimensions are given birth to using charitable surfaces and more innovative spatial effect. The hidden style style in the interior is the particular ellipse. Precise and contoured in its shaping, it comes over as more sophisticated while clearly presenting its beginnings. Around the ellipses, the communication in between numerous degrees and surface areas adds lightness and a three-dimensional feel to the interior.

The unusual materials are particularly deserving of mention: nubuck natural leather in a light Sky Blue, shiny leather in rich Berry Red and black soft nappa natural leather ensure a special interior setting which is strongly meaningful. In between, elements in patinized silver add high-end accentuations. The aging provides them the character of knowledgeable, lovingly utilized products. Attractive strips in blue limed ash grain convey cool, contemporary style.

Both very expressive textiles Tweed Grey and Black Twill set an eye-catching counterpoint to the classic worth characteristics of timber, leather, silver, consequently making the familiar MINI interior experience. Small details such as the buttons with Union Jack embossment on the seats and central console, compare sewing, piping or red accentuation surface areas in the sun blinds which just show up when these are folded down all add a touch of surprise to the fully grown personality of the 2015 Mini Clubman Concept.

High-end sophistication and visibility – the instrument panel.


The interior element of the 2015 Mini Clubman Concept with the most effective visibility is the leather-covered control panel. With a surround in blue limed ash grain and a white porcelain finish, the black upper area of the control panel has a floating look. Indirect rear illumination of the space enhances this perception and gives the area facing the motorist and front traveler an extremely high-end atmosphere. The direct air vents have patinized, silver-plated surrounds. In between the air vents there is an area in Black Chrome which can be back-lit if called for that gives additional details for the driver and front guest. The recommended “Faded Diamonds” rhombus design offers the Black Chrome area a particularly top notch framework. The lower section of the instrument panel is completed in Berry Red shiny leather, giving an exhibitionist yet innovative contrast to the more very discreet style of the upper fifty percent.

Multi-layered and light – the door design.

The recently translated ellipse in the side runs dynamically throughout the two doors to produce an aesthetic link in between front and rear. The armrests in blue Nubuck leather appear to hover in the doors, while behind them there are efficient storage space areas. The attractive areas in the doors have indirect backlighting to emphasize the inviting, contemporary environment. The side mirrors and roof covering lining regress quietly into the ambient due to use of top quality fabric Tweed Grey in salt-and-pepper appearance, while the high quality weave of the textile Black Twill with timeless black-and-white comparison on the floor and mats creates a sophisticated surface.

The 2015 Mini Clubman concept of spatial function in the rear is settled with creative storage space facilities in the split doors along with a double load flooring. The bags in the doors are elaborately matched with Nubuck natural leather in Silk White. They are put within practical reach and aid make optimal use of room in the luggage compartment. The dual tons flooring offers additional storage capacity.

Intelligent controls

The show area in the center console (160mm x 150mm) adapts according to the content selected or the situation on the road. Three “smart” toggles are appointed the appropriate material according to selected content or driving features. Above and yet, the three toggles could additionally be freely programmed and assigned specific features according choice. The haptic high quality of the toggles suggests that the different features can be operated throughout trip without looking. Here the MINI Clubman Concept has actually taken timeless operating elements that have actually belonged of MINI for 55 years and constantly advanced them.

About MINI in the US
MINI is an independent brand of the BMW Group. In the United States, MINI USA operates as a company device of BMW of North America, LLC, located in Woodcliff Lake, New Jersey and consists of the advertising and sales companies for the MINI brand name.

The MINI USA sales company is represented in the U.S. through a network of 119 MINI automobile dealerships in 38 states. MINI USA started offering motor vehicles in the U.S. in 2002 with the intro of the MINI Cooper and MINI Cooper S Hardtops. Since then, the MINI Brand in the U.S. has actually expanded to involve a model range of seven distinct automobiles.

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