2015 Land Rover Discovery 5 – Concept and Release Date

2015 Land Rover Discovery 5  will finally come on the market. The new generation Land Rover Discovery 5 will probably lose like a 1000 pounds in weight as we heard some rumors. Its engine has been updated and the weight will drop and emissions. We have collected some of the information and gossip that we will describe . Enjoy!

Here is video of 2015 Land Rover Discovery 5 biography:

2015 Land Rover Discovery 5 Specs

2015 Land Rover Discovery 5 will have if we believe in gossips less weight than the previous model Land Rover 4 Approximately 1000 pound or 420 kg. We believe that if this happens Land Rover 5 will have greater acceleration and maneuverability, and therefore traction. After his drive to four wheel think that without bigger problems to move on any terrain. The sale is expected several versions to us to see what we will be like we are going to choose.

2015 Land Rover Interior

2015 Land Rover Discovery 5 interior

Apparently we’ve heard from several places, although we’re not sure of this information, the new model will have 7 seats. What will it fall into a completely new segment of cars, and change the market. Since I model and previous years was known for its large and spacious interior, and we believe that this model will be similar. Although they did not know the details about a control panel, we have some information. Active Driveline System constantly monitors the driving conditions, both on and off road, shifting from 2WD to 4WD when required in 350 milliseconds.

Engine of 2015 Land Rover Discovery 5

2015 Land Rover Discovery 5 engine

Although there are no official figures yet on the engine of this vehicle, the gossip they’ve heard it is expected that this model show two different types of engines. Expected to emerge diesel engine that will be stronger than the previous ones, and in some Trace will come out and hybrid model of the engine.

As we have heard and Land Rover wants to have a go at this market, and wants to make sure about the emissions. It is expected that the bass with this model to break into the market and will be on his palm. Because he will be a pillar of the car because I was different from the previous model.

Here is video of Spy Shots for new 2015 Land Rover Discovery 5:


Release Date and Price of new 2015 Land Rover Discovery 5

Even though they are all the same assumptions about its release to the market and prices we believe will officially enter the market sometime later this year or early next. We’ll know the last quarter of this year. For the price of this model is considered to be under the assumption if last year’s model around MSRP: $ 49.100, then I do not believe that this model will be under $ 50,000. Any new information that we find in the meantime, we ask on this site.

Here is Photo gallery of 2015 Land Rover Discovery 5:



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