2015 Hongqi L5 – The Serial Version of The Chinese Rolls-Royce

The 2015 Hongqi L5 is presented to the world. The Serial Version of The Chinese Rolls-Royce, that, in the words of manufactured, is going to be Chinese Rolls Royce. Maybe with price, but, the name, and quality, have to be tested.

China FAW Group introduced the world ‘s most important competitor models of brands such as Rolls – Royce and Bentley. Hongqi L5 will show whether the Chinese rich patriot as a luxury at the highest level, but the brand is world-famous.

The Chinese automotive industry is not only a cheap and less quality cars , but luxury and sports models. Hongqi L5 “will show teeth ” models such as Rolls – Royce or Bentley. Produced by FAW Group, who presented the production version of this interesting car, which should become the ” object of attention ” China’s rich, which does little.

2015 Hongqi L5 front


The 2015 Hongqi L5 launches V12 engine capacity of 6.0 liters and develops maximum output of 296 kW and a maximum torque of 548 Nm . Power is sent to all wheels. The car measures the distance of 5.5 meters, wheel bace distance of 3.44 m and mass of 3.2 tons. Unfortunately, photos of the interior are not yet available to the public.

2015 Hongqi L5 back


2015 Hongqi L5 side

2015 Hongqi L5 Price

According to Bloomberg, Hongqi L5 reached the first local owner , who had to sort out even $801,000 for this unusual car. We think that is little to much for the car that is not popular and dont have the popular mark of the vehicle. We wish them the best but it is hard to think that is going to be sold in some greater number of the vehicle. But maybe the manufacture now something that we do not. We are left only to see what will happen and hove this model is going to pass on the market.

2015 Hongqi L5

2015 Hongqi L5 Release Date

The 2015 Hongqi L5 release date is expected to the end of the 2014, or the beginning 2015.

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