2015 Honda NSX Concept

The new 2015 Honda NSX Concept is unveiled. New supercar, all Well drive is coming to the market. This is long ago started project, and now is complete, perfect, and it is here.

We have collected all the details and now we will introduce them.


2015 Honda NSX Concept interior

2015 Honda NSX Concept interior

When we talk about his interior we can say the following. Honda’s interior is made that way to be much closer to driver. Places in the rear seats is not much, but the front is. The steering wheel is small and sporty as expected. The seats are comfortable and versatile. The materials in the cabin are very modern quality.

2015 Honda NSX Concept inside

2015 Honda NSX Concept inside

Engine and Performance

His engine is Hybrid. Acsept the hybrid engine system, which in addition to gasoline contains two electric motors that are used to drive the front wheels. They are separate electric engine on front wheel. Each for one wheel. And main electric engine. The other gas engine is centrally placed with direct-injected V-6. He has tag SH-awd, which means that it is “Super Handling All-Wheel Drive”.
Honda, many years ago tried with central engine that is in the middle of the car, not the front or back. This is big news, and Honda believes that this will be a key item which will affect the performance of the NSX model.

2015 Honda NSX Concept featured

2015 Honda NSX Price

The 2015 Honda NSX price is unknown yet. We can only assume that it will be presented sometime little before it came to the market. We heard some gossips that it will be around $100,000. Bu again it is just a rumor.

2015 Honda NSX Concept Release Date

The 2015 Honda NSX Concept exact release date is unknown. We can assume that it will be weary soon because, Honda presented this model to the world to the details, and we think that he will come to the market, sometimes at the end of this year or at the beginning 2015.

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