2015 Ford Thunderbird Release Date and Price

The 2015 Ford Thunderbird is reborn again, the new and improved legend from Ford is here, and it is ready to take of the world and market. That is new policy from the manufacture, and they are ready to see new market how will react on him.

2015 Ford Thunderbird side

2015 Ford Thunderbird side

Concept and Specs

Concept design reintroduction of the fabulous Ford Thunderbird. Based off the existing Ford
Blend system. Reviving a 2 door coupe system with T-Bird styling from the FIFTY’s and
60’s. Hardtop convertible design to follow quickly.

Thunderbird– Instead of repeating the timeless 2-seater Thunderbird, as Ford performed in the early 2000s, I have actually revived the also-classic 1960s personal high-end coupe Tbird. This version would be developed from the Taurus’s Volvo-derived system with an extended wheelbase for even more duration proportions, relocating the front tires onward and cutting the front overhang. The C column is expanded in this pillarless coupe, and the Thunderbird company logo happily fixated it. The interior would certainly be appropriately luxurious, with the rear seat developed with the very same wraparound “nook seating” as the ’64-’71 Tbird coupes.

2015 Ford Thunderbird Interior

When we talk about his interior we can say the following. The much information are not known for these model, and we can only predict that it will something like Ford Mustang but lot bigger, and have more space inside.

2015 Ford Thunderbird review

2015 Ford Thunderbird Price

The 2015 Ford Thunderbird Price is unknown yet. We can predict from the gossips that we hoard that it will be around $30,000 but, the official information about price is not released yet. We think that Ford will introduce his price little before he will enter the market.

Release Date of new 2015 Ford Thunderbird

The 2015 Ford Thunderbird release date is unknown yet, but we can expect him to come to the market at the end of 2015. If we wanna be real, we can predict him to come to the market earlier, but, he will not come to the market, and it is the same stuff like with Ford Bronco, and gossips that he will come to the market 2015, or 2016… Ford did not release official information about releasing in this year Ford Thunderbird.

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