2015 Ford King Ranch F350 Review

There are various opinions about what is the top-notch truck in the US. It is not easy to answer this question since the tastes are different and people prefer different things. However, one of the candidates for the best US truck is the 2015 Ford King Ranch F350. The 2015 model got several important improvements which won’t leave you indifferent.
Interior got several modifications as well as the exterior. Also there is going to be old engine, with slightly enhanced performances. This is definitely the best King Ranch ever manufactured. It comes in several different colors but black is the standard one and, in our opinion, the most attractive. As far as we are concerned this is the best truck in the ‘’F’’ family. What is so astonishing about the brand-new 2015 Ford King Ranch F350 you can check in the following few paragraphs.
2015 Ford King Ranch F350 Towing

2015 Ford King Ranch F350 Engine

As we mentioned in the last paragraph, the Ford King Ranch F350 2015 is going to have same engine as its predecessor. However, this time it comes with more torque and power. We bet you cannot think of any truck that has better performances than the King Ranch. The 6.7l OHV eight-cylinder can produce staggering 440 HP and 860 lb-ft of torque. This is significant enhancement comparing to the previous model, especially in terms of torque (there is 60 lb-ft more than before). Since its weight is around 40,000lbs it needs to have a powerful engine.
For every pickup truck engine is the most important feature (torque in particular). That’s why engineers at Ford always puts engine under spotlight. Sometimes they neglect other features, but this time this is not the case. New King Ranch F350 will deliver the goods and you don’t need to worry about durability and reliability.
2015 Ford King Ranch F350 Engine

Interior and Exterior of 2015 Ford King Ranch F350

2015 Ford King Ranch F350 Interior
The 2015 Ford King Ranch F350 doesn’t have an aggressive look but it is definitely muscular and attractive. It comes in various colors, but apart from black we find red quite appealing. It has a shiny grille, new fog lights and tail gate which can easily be removed. The 20-inch wheels are the only option and they contribute to the truck’s overall stability. It has a lot of space in the cargo area which is great for all those who need a truck strictly for business purposes.
Inside it has pretty much everything that the F-truck has. That means new King Ranch is equipped with navigation system, heated seats (with a cooling option), remote start system, etc. Comparing to the predecessor almost all features have been upgraded. It can accommodate five passengers and all of them have enough room.
2015 Ford King Ranch F350 Exterior

2015 Ford King Ranch F350 Price and Release date

The brand-new 2015 Ford Ranch F350 is going to hit the market in 2015 and we have already had a chance to see it at several car shows. Price depends in the trim level, thus we have a quite huge range. The least expensive version costs $56,000 while the top level is estimated at $66,500. This may seem too much and little above the average in the class, but you must take all features into consideration.

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