2015 Ford Galaxy – Release Date and Spy Shots

2015 Ford Galaxy will soon appear on the market. Brand new model Ford plans to produce in Belgium (Genk), which have already produced some Ford models.
Ford will finally get a good minivan, which it is needed.

Here is video of 2015 Ford Galaxy Car Review :

The exact date of the above mentioned model is nameless but is expected sometime in 2015, while it is believed that in the UK occur in late 2014 on some of the Auto Show.
Expensive, less attractive,but we still like it.active than S-MAX, petrol costly to run

2015 Ford Galaxy Spy Shots

began as stories and gossip where it is produced and where it’s seen precisely where all seen photos of the new Ford models.
Some said it was the first time spotted in Detroit and later rumors arrived that though it may have been in Europe. We are not sure of these details are true, but is important to us that Ford actually plans to make a more quality minivan that will be able to compete with the UK and the world market.

Here is a gallery of the Spy Shots for new 2015 Ford Galaxy:



2015 Ford Galaxy interior


This is the model which has 7 seats and it is related to the Ford S-MAX, but according to what is presented better than his brother, and Galaxy is more focused practicality and comfort. Since there is not enough room between the seat and all seats are adjustable, they expect to be very comfortable and it will pass very well in this market.

Its headquarters where they can ride seven adults are still plenty of space between you and denies. One the matter of fact that our mind and that may affect badly the only market for this car is that it has a sliding door and as she very slowly opened and closed.

Rumor has it that Ford will cooperate for this model with Sony producer so you can expect quality technology inside the car and I think it paid Ford to hire them.


2015 Ford Galaxy engine


When we talk about the 2015 Ford Galaxy engine we can say that this model will come out on the market with two models. And those Are:

A 1.5 L that will be able to manufacturing up to 180bhp. 1.0L certainly will not hit the market for this type of engine is weak for these models and will not be strong enough. Which will reduce its impact.

B: all-new 2.0-liter turbodiesel engine in advancement that will certainly change the 2.2 and 2.0-liter that will be easier and thus reduce vehicle weight, not its strength. This will eventually result so by Ford have better acceleration and greater power than his brother S-MAX.

Here is video of 2015 Ford Galaxy auto-test :

Release Date

the exact release date is currently unknown. Judging by previous years as the producer of representing your models and how they were cast out of the market, this model will probably come out sometime later this year. It should be only applies to the UK market.

As for the rest of the European market is expected sometime in early 2015th These are all just rumors and gossip. As soon as I find out some official information, we will notify you can.

More information:

Wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ford_Galaxy

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