2015 Ford F-150 Harley Davidson? – Ford Kills the F-150 Harley-Davidson Edition

Ford has actually ceased the Harley-Davidson version of its well-liked F-150 pickup, a company exec said to Automotive News.

2015 Ford F-150 Harley Davidson preview

“We do not have prepare for one currently. We’ve obtained 10 designs consisting of a new Limited Model, which was new for 2013. We feel like we’ve obtained the market really well covered,” stated Doug Scott, Ford’s vehicle advertising manager.


Scott claimed the Harley-Davidson version generally comprised just 1 to 2 percent of the F-150 total sales. On the other hand, sales of the range-topping Platinum model of the F-150 have surpassed assumptions, as a result, the Harley-Davidson edition was fallen.


The 2015 Ford F-150 Harley Davidson? – Ford Kills the F-150 Harley-Davidson Edition. Presented in 1999 as a high-end variation of the F-150, the Harley-Davidson special edition continued via the 2012 model year.

2015 Ford F-150 Harley Davidson review

Sweetheart Smith, chairman of the Ford National Dealer Council and co-owner of Sill-TerHar Motors, a firm that runs Ford and Lincoln franchises in Broomfield, Colorado, confirmed that the Harley-Davidson edition pick-ups composed just a tiny component of his quantity.

“With the introduction of Platinum and Raptor it was not a high-volume or high-turn car for us. It will not be missed,” he told Autonews. Martin Gubbels, a Ford-Lincoln dealership from Torrington, Wyoming, shared Ford’s choice to stop the 2015 Ford F-150 Harley Davidson was “a clever business step”, as the absence of the low-volume specific niche version will streamline the buying device.


2015 Ford F-150 Harley Davidson engine

There has actually been no response up until now on this concern from Harley-Davidson. So exactly what do you assume; is Ford’s decision to drop the 2015 Ford F-150 Harley Davidson an excellent idea or not?


2015 Ford F-150 Harley Davidson interior

2015 Ford F-150 Harley Davidson interior

2015 Ford F-150 Harley Davidson Release Date

Dealerships are apparently not dismayed or dissatisfied at the discontinuation of the Harley-Davidson edition, claiming that sales of the new premium trim degrees have actually gone beyond expectations. Based on Ford’s long marketing partnership with the Milwaukee, Wisconsin-based motorcycle maker, it’s unknown whether the badge will certainly make a return to F-Series trucks, or if it’s permanently off the order sheet.

While specific regards to the licensing agreement in between the two business are not known, Harley-Davidson is known for having an active and threatening licensing department; and the cost/benefit picture for Ford to continue to supply a co-branded truck began to look much less enticing based upon reduced sales, and increased need for Ford-developed premium trims.

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