2014 Qoros 3 Review and Price

2014 Qoros 3 It will eventually reach the market . Least to the manufacturer . Around this model has a lot of rumors but we are trying to choose the right ones and the ones that will tickle your interest in this model . Now you ‘ll predtsviti all detallje related to this model we found .

2014 Qoros 3 preview

Premiere in Geneva Motor Show

At the last Geneva Motor Show a completely new car was unveiled by the manufacturer Qoros . The manufacturer has just released a model of this car to the discussion about it has spread and to hear in order to pass and what customers actually want .

Video of Premiere in Geneva Motor Show

Definitely it is certain that there will be more versions of this model , and one of them will surely be Qoros 3 Sedan . This model according to what the manufacturers say is designed to attract more customers . And with this model they wanted to interest the younger population . And to those of medium and large estates. This model also contains eight- inch touchscreen and an innovative .

2014 Qoros 3 preview

In the words and the manufacturer, the model of the car will now come out every year or 12 months . The second model of the vehicle will be trenchless purchased in China in 2014 . They think that the fact that they will try to expel the new models so often be good because it will keep track of the market that is constantly changing . So they are now and connect with the European team to be more competitive in the market and produce the best possible model .

This model was pleasantly surprised at the Auto Show and customers were thrilled with his spec , design and the smooth and his .

Producers also announced the SUV version of the model because they are convinced that they will be competitive in this field . We believe that this model is well passed the first round and will try to bring it to the table better condition .

I have to say that the Chinese model that we saw in the auto show does not podceca other Chinese models including KIA .

As a concept , the Cross 3 is powered by a petrol -electric hybrid system that combines a 97kW 1.2 -liter three- cylinder turbo engine at the front axle, and a 50kW electric motor driving the rear .

2014 Qoros 3 Engine

2014 Qoros 3 engine

1.6 -liter turbocharged engine , mated to six- speed manual and dual -clutch automatic transmissions .

Dubbed ‘ Integrated Starter Generator (ISG ) ‘ , the smaller engine can also deliver extra power to the front axle . With all units working together, Qoros says the petrol -hybrid system gives the 3 Cross a ” provisional ” 0 – 100km / h time of 7.0 seconds .

3 The Estate, on the other hand , will utilize the same 93kW/155Nm naturally – aspirated and turbocharged 116kW/210Nm 1.6 -liter engines found in the sedan.

Interior of Qoros

2014 Qoros 3 ineterior


The Qoros 3 Sedan has been launched on the China car market during the 2013 Guangzhou Auto Show. Price starts at 119.900 yuan and ends at 167.900 yuan . Qoros Auto is a new brand , born out of a joint venture between Chery Automobile and Israel Corporation . The Qoros 3 Sedan is their first car , soon to be followed by a Qoros 3 hatchback.

More information:

Qoros http://www.qorosauto.com/en

Wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Qoros

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