2014 Ford Everest Price and Preview

2014 Ford Everest preview

FORD is aiming higher with its rugged seven-seat Everest SUV under development in Australia, abandoning the truck-like leaf-sprung back side of the Ford Ranger ute contributor car for a smooth-riding coil-sprung set-up that could even consist of a self-levelling device on top-shelf versions.

The major reworking of the back side of the T6 platform for the wagon variation– due out around the world in overdue 2014 and in Australia in 2015– does not feature the comprehensive independent suspension that some pundits forecasted, but virtually everything else concerning the set-up has actually been refined for more car-like ride and handling.

Ford Everest Exterior

Our examination shows a plan similar to that of the previous-generation Land Rover Discovery, with the live axle dealt with by tracking control arms– additionally referred to as span arms– that are plainly noticeable behind lightweight camouflage fringes taken care of to the rear undersurface of the test “burros” found on public roadways by GoAuto.

2014 Ford Everest side

The axle also provides Watts affiliations bolted to the middle of the differential housing for side area. Intriguingly, among the Watts links seen by GoAuto has a hooking up change that, on automobiles such as the British-made Range Rover, manages self-levelling air suspension.


2014 Ford Everest interior

The interior of the model is very clear and the high levels. Ford is the time and effort went a step further as far as the entire interior of the vehicle looks expensive.

As the Range Rover droops under a full tons of clients and payload, the air springs pump up to put the vehicle back on an also keel, while likewise keeping the vehicle flat while cornering. There was no indicator of air springtimes on this certain motor vehicle.

Our pictures reveal steel coil springtimes, which will certainly more than likely be the mainstay for the new selection. The placing points for the springtimes and dampers have actually shifted reviewed with Ranger, with dampers on the Everest fixed in front of the axle instead of behind.

The entire set-up appears to be positioned in a cradle for easy suitable as one product on the production line. For Australia, Everest will certainly be made together with Ranger at Ford’s joint-venture plant with Mazda in Thailand, yet there is no suggestion Mazda will certainly share the car this time.

The wagon is also likely to be created at various other Ford Ranger plants worldwide, probably consisting of those in Brazil and South Africa.

Surprisingly, the differential on the Everest examination motor vehicle seen by GoAuto is centrally positioned, suggesting it is extremely unlikely to have a Discovery-style two-speed transfer box that calls for countered differentials.

2014 Ford Everest front

Nevertheless, the rear tailshaft has a slide setup– just like Land Rover– to enable forward/aft activity in the back axle. The slide mechanism is covered by a versatile rubber boot to protect it from grime.

Ford staged the worldwide disclose of the Victorian-developed Everest’s exterior at its multi-million-dollar ‘Go Further’ future item event in Sydney last month, however has been tight-lipped about the mechanicals and various other specs for the motor vehicle.

Engine of 2014 Ford Everest

Vehicles seen by GoAuto have been powered by diesel engines, probably the 3.2-litre five-cylinder engine from the Ranger. However, other engines have not been ruled out, especially as the Everest will require versatility for a variety of markets through Asia, Africa and South America where it will be sold variously in left- and right-hand drive.


Starting price will be somewhere around $ 27,000 for the weakest models and climbs..

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